Conference Information

8th Annual Leadership Conference

Strategic Planning: From Vision to Implementation

Venue: Independent School Foundation (ISF) Academy; Hong Kong

Date: October 18-19, 2019

Our Goal: For participants to leave the Leadership Conference with the knowledge and confidence to identify and apply appropriate tools which will optimize success when facilitating relevant stakeholders in a long term strategic planning process.

Our Ideal Audience:

This workshop is intended for Senior Leadership and will be organized into two streams, those responsible for Visioning and Oversight (Executive Stakeholders) and those that are responsible for Implementation and Evaluation (Management).

Executive Stakeholders will include: Board Chairs, Governors, School Owners, Superintendents, Heads of School, Directors, Principals and Business Managers that influence its operations from a strategic perview.

Management participants will include: Leaders that are directly responsible for the planning and implementation of strategic objectives as they relate to Teaching and Learning, Pastoral Care, Human Resources, Finance, Facilities, Communications and Risk Management.


Welcome to the Strategic Planning Leadership Conference!

This annual Leadership Conference helps both academic and non-academic leaders develop their leadership skills for unique obstacles they’ll face in visioning, planning, implementing and monitoring strategic change. This year’s conference is focused specifically on building capacity in senior leaders, from the Board to the Business Office, to prepare for and generate buy-in for long term strategic planning.

Led by Chris Jansen and Michael Iannini — strategic planning experts with a proven record for helping international schools plan strategically — the instruction provided will leave you with tools and strategies to:

  • Extend your thinking about the nature of complex human and organisational behaviour;
  • Design your own process of inquiry into visioning and planning to meet your community’s long term needs;
  • Identify barriers to strategic planning and understand how to mitigate them;
  • Grow your leadership capability to foster engagement and a growth mindset across your organisation;
  • Determine the appropriate strategies and corresponding behaviours to address community concerns regarding the Future State we envision for our schools; and
  • Develop and execute a communications plan to support our strategic plan.

This conference has been designed to meet the needs of all leaders, regardless if they may have little experience in strategic planning or are currently involved in or are preparing to facilitate relevant stakeholders in strategic planning. Differentiation and Inquiry-based Learning techniques will be used to ensure:

  • Participants are grouped according to similar community demographics;
  • Facilitators are prepared to support participants’ unique professional inquiry;
  • Participants arrive with a common understanding of the content; and

Participants can continue to connect and support each other after the conference.

Strategic Planning

October 18-19, 2019

Each day of the conference will kick-off with the introduction of a specific theme and keynote address, after which, participants will separate into their cohorts. Learning will be activated through three different mediums:

  1. Presentation: Strategic Planning, as a process, will be introduced in four presentations. Each will identify key milestones and tools for each stage. Participants will experience how the tools introduced in the presentation can be applied to strategic planning that every educator will encounter at some point in their career .
  2. Case Analysis: Facilitator-led case analysis will give participants an opportunity to apply the tools introduced during the presentation to specific cases relevant to their cohort. Discussion activities will provide an opportunity for participants to learn from each other, as well as identify obstacles that will impact or influence the effectiveness of tools.
  3. Coaching: Participants will identify in advance of, and during, the conference a professional inquiry that they are preparing for, currently engaged in and/or have recently completed. This will enable facilitators to support participants to understand how to apply lessons and tools to their specific challenges.

Speaker Biographies

Chris Jansen is a Senior Fellow at the University of Canterbury, where he teaches and supervises leaders studying in the Masters of Business Management, Post Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership and Masters of Management.  Through his consulting role at Chris works alongside organisations in the education, health, business and community sectors in a range of projects.  These include design and delivery of leadership development programmes, change management initiatives, organisational capability and strategic planning.

Chris is also involved in executive coaching and regularly facilitates workshops and presentations at conferences and with a range of organisations around New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific and Asia.  He is currently facilitating leadership programmes with international schools in Singapore, Bangkok and Taiwan. His qualifications include a PhD in Management and Master’s degree in Education (Counselling).


Michael Iannini is an affiliated CIS consultant with the following areas of expertise: Appraisal and professional development, Leadership training, School governance and Strategic planning

His journey in education began 20 years ago as a research assistant at Arizona State University’s Child Development Laboratory, where he honed his talent for developmental education. Since moving to China in 1999, Michael has advised the Boards and Senior Leadership of a number of Not-for-Profit Organizations, International Schools, and Chinese Bilingual schools on how to develop curriculum, train teachers, create parent engagement strategies, and devise staff capacity building strategies. His exhaustive efforts have helped nurture a long and mutually beneficial relationship with ACAMIS’ network of schools.

As a consultant, Michael’s main focus is helping schools engage with their community and improve student learning by improving collaboration and organizational management. His diverse work experience (which spans the United States, China and all of East and South East Asia) has given him the ability to satisfy the needs of diverse stakeholders, improve cross-cultural leadership skills and establish effective communication strategies.

Registration Fees and Instructions

Early Bird Registration before May 31

  • ACAMIS Members - 350 USD per participant
  • Non-ACAMIS Members - 450 USD per participant

Registration after May 31

  • ACAMIS Members - 450 USD per participant
  • Non-ACAMIS Members - 550 USD per participant

When you register please confirm if you intend on staying at the Hotel as we will be providing transportation to and from this hotel to the conference. We have also blocked 30 rooms and negotiated a lower rate. If we determine there is a higher demand for the rooms we will negotiate with the hotel for additional rooms.

Host School and Accommodations

Independent School Foundation (ISF) Academy

Address:                      1 Kong Sin Wan Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Phone:                         +852 8191 5555


Contact Person:         Michael Iannini,


ISF Academy has recommended the following hotel, which is located directly across the street from the school.

Le Meridien Cyberport

100 Cyberport Rd, Telegraph Bay


Please register for this event at, the event should be posted there in the coming weeks.