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Ongoing Programs

2018-19 Middle Leaders Development Program

Cyberport, Hong Kong

Participants in this program will:

  • Learn to foster interdependent relationships focused on school improvement and student learning;
  • Understand their role to ensure staff satisfaction and engagement;
  • Demonstrate effective communication with different stakeholders (Parents, Peers and Leadership); and
  • Learn how to assess team performance and provide performance feedback to their team.

Michael Iannini - Affiliated CIS consultant with over 20 years experience supporting organizations to improve their leadership, strategy, and governance.

Building Your Project- Based Learning Program: Development and Implementation

Facilitators: Kyle Wagner

Venue: Cyberport, Hong Kong

Target Group: Teacher Leaders, Coordinators, and Heads of Department

Project-Based Learning (PBL) has re-surfaced as an incredibly effective approach to learning in the 21st Century Classroom. It provides students with the opportunity for deeper learning, engages students around their passions, connects students to the world outside school, and equips students with key 21stcentury skills necessary to thrive in college and the workplace. The challenge for schools is in delivering the project-based learning experiences strategically; in a way that allows for cross-curricular connections, deep investigation, and meaningful experiences with experts and professionals outside of school. This professional development course helps ensure the Project- Based Learning program is sustainable and provides these opportunities.

2019 April

26-28 April 2019

IB Events hosted by American International School of Guangzhou

PYP Making the PYP happen: Implementing agency C1 Chinese
PYP Leading the learning in PYP schools C1 Chinese
PYP Building for the future C3 Chinese
MYP Heads of school/Coordinators: Implementing the MYP curriculum C1 Chinese
MYP Interdisciplinary teaching and learning in the MYP C3 Chinese
DP TOK for subject teachers C3 Chinese
DP Administrators C1 Chinese
DP Coordination C1 Chinese
IBED Developing Service learning C3 Chinese



Additional Workshops

DP Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches C1 English
DP Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches C2 English
DP Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations C1 English
DP Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations C2 English
DP English A: Literature C1 English
DP English A: Literature C2 English
DP English A: Language & Literature C1 English
DP English A: Language & Literature C2 English